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Our Mission


    5/20 Brotherhood is a volunteer Non-Profit Organization, in and only for veterans of The 5th Battalion 20th Infantry Regiment during the Global War on Terror between 2002 and 2010. We are fund raising to provide support for 5/20 Veterans and their families in their time of need. Many times we find that a spouse or parents must quit gainful employment to become the primary caregiver for the disabled soldier and it is our purpose to assist them in any way we can. Whether that service is a monetary contribution, direction to a counseling center, or to bill paying assistance, we will do everything in our power to see that the brave men in this Unit are not forgotten and are taken care of. Our long term goals include scholarships to the children of 5/20 Brotherhood members.


     We want all of our 5/20 Brothers to know that they will have our assistance if they need it. If for some reason we cannot meet the needs of one of our 5/20 Brothers at that time, we will contact other organizations to see that their needs are met. Every penny we raise is intended only for soldier support and postage. We often seek grants and donations for operating expenses, legal fees, tax preparation, and supplies to make our organization possible. Grant submissions and donations will specify the monetary needs of running the organization without tapping into funds intended for member assistance.